The Value Of Good Photography

When publishing online, you can’t underestimate the benefit that great photographs taken by an experienced photography professional can have.

It’s true that a picture really does tell a thousand words… if not more. Too often, webmasters try to sell goods or services using poor quality images that don’t do your goods and services any justice.

As a consequence your goods don’t look very desirable and your sales drop. Effective imagery allows your potential customers to see and almost feel your products, (as much as Continue reading “Photography”

The Pitfalls of Shopping Online

The Pitfalls of Shopping Online

To so many of us today, the computer is as much a part of our lives as the car, the coffee maker, or the washing machine.

In fact the very term “computer” is becoming somewhat dated. We use our lap-tops, our tablets, in fact the “smart phone” has pretty much been relegated back to just being a “phone” again.

We rarely, if at all consider the wonders of technology that these devices have become, and yet become so common place.

The wonder that was the World Wide Web, is rarely remarked upon these days, although billions of Continue reading “The Pitfalls of Shopping Online”

Careless Driving Motoring Offences

What is Careless Driving?

By definition, careless driving (otherwise known as driving without due care and attention) means driving in a way that wouldn’t be considered acceptable by a reasonable and prudent driver.

This legal definition leaves a certain amount of legal wriggle room as what might be considered reasonable and prudent is Continue reading “Careless Driving Motoring Offences”